How to Restore Yahoo Email Account, Contacts and Email Settings

Yahoo enables its users to send and receive emails as well as create customized email folders which make it easier to locate any mails. You can also adjust the email settings as per your preference. However, if you have mistakenly deleted any of the contacts or email or have set any incorrect settings for your account, no need to panic as they can be restored with an immediate action. But it is very important to take necessary action as soon as you find yourself in a troublesome situation otherwise it will not be possible to restore anything. You can also contact at the Yahoo customer care number to get the required help for the restoration process.

To restore yahoo account email and email settings:

  • Open the Yahoo mail restore help forum.
  • Now sign in to your account using your Yahoo ID and password.
  • Now click on the ‘Describe the problem’ option and enter the reason for which you want to restore your Yahoo account emails. Also, enter the date from where you want to restore the emails and settings.
  • Now Yahoo will try to restore your emails from the date you have entered.
  • Enter your name and email address in the given space and then click on ‘Submit’. It will send you a message to confirm the request to restore the emails and the settings to the previous state.

To restore the contacts of Yahoo account:

  • Open the Yahoo mail and click on ‘Contacts’.
  • Click on the option ‘Deleted Contacts’.
  • Select the contacts which you want to get restored or you can also go for ‘Restore your entire contact list’ option.
  • Click on Restore Contacts to get the contacts back in your contacts list of Yahoo.
  • This will complete the restoration process.

Doing this will restore your email account to the previous state as it was some hours ago. It will undo all the changes you have made recently. If you have any questions regarding the restoration of emails, contacts or settings, then you should directly contact the Yahoo support phone number where we have a team of technicians working day and night to resolve all types of Yahoo issues. Except this, the Yahoo users can also contact for other common Yahoo mail issues like configuration issues, resetting of the password, privacy settings etc. At our customer care center, you will not be asked to wait for any longer to get the desired answers.

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